The SEM Foundation was established on December 20, 2016. From the start, the goal of the foundation has been to support social initiatives that benefit communities in cocoa-producing countries (Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Brazil, Colombia, Tanzania, Peru, Cameroon and Malaysia), by donating to these institutions. These initiatives can be related to children, education, public services, health, housing and productivity. Also, other charities can be supported.


BeNe holding, as founder and main contributor to SEM Foundation, considers it their responsibility to give back to the people of the regions where the main raw material of  chocolate comes from. Providing donations to charities will be conducted in a broad sense, meaning that the SEM Foundation provides resources to the designated organizations, such as financial resources, but the foundation also tries to contribute in other ways. The ambition of the board is not to make a profit, but to generate funds for charities to which the foundation would like to contribute.

The board of the SEM Foundation critically selects the organizations and initiatives that will receive funds. The board is responsible for conducting a proper selection of organizations to which funds will be made available. Furthermore, the board is responsible for selecting only those organizations or initiatives that will ensure that the donations or funds will be spend effectively. The board must take this into account when conducting the policy.