The board of the SEM Foundation consists of three persons, namely:

Bas Huurman                            Chairman

Wendy Verdult                          Secretary

Ellen van der Zwalm               Treasurer

The Board is collectively responsible for conducting the policy and is continuously investigating which charities to support with the funds of the SEM Foundation. Therefore, the board organizes a meeting at least once a year. All board members have one vote. In order to reach a decision an absolute majority of the votes is required.

All board members have shown indisputable behavior. Due to the proposed revised legislation of ANBI’s we note that none of the board members have committed a crime so no hesitations will exist about the integrity of this person, his or her respect for another’s person or property, or the Dutch legal system.

The members of the board are not reimbursed in any way. Expenses will also not be compensated with the funds of the SEM Foundation.