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SEM Foundation supports cocoa farmers in Indonesia

The SEM foundation has announced to support a first initiative since the establishment end of 2016. In cooperation with the Rabobank Foundation, the SEM Foundation will provide working capital to the Koperasi Kerta Semaya Samaniya (KSS) cooperative in Indonesia.
Koperasi Kerta Semaya Samaniya is located in the province of Jembrana in West Bali. There are many agriculture activities on the island such as rice, horticulture, coffee and cocoa. Even though Bali is known as a paradise island, there is still a lot of poverty, especially among small farmers. On Bali, 10 746 hectares is cultivated by cocoa farmers. The infrastructure in this area is well developed enabling easy accessibility to the markets.
KSS was founded in 2006 with support from the local government. In 2010 they received the UTZ label. With this certification KSS has been able to develop its own internal control system and has gained access to the international market for sustainable cocoa. KSS works with 26 farmer groups existing of a total of 466 members (end of 2016). In order to become stronger and further grow as a cooperative KSS participated in the Progreso program.
KSS is facing challenges to buy cocoa beans from the members due to a lack of working capital. The loan that will be facilitated by the SEM Foundation in collaboration with the Rabobank Foundation, will be used to buy cocoa beans from farmers. Due to a lack of financial resources in the past, KSS could not meet the demand of buyers so far. In 2015 KSS could only buy 50 tons while there was 200 tons of cocoa available at the farmers. Due to the previous loan, the cooperative could purchase an additional 37.5 tons of cocoa beans from the farmers. After processing and selling the cocoa beans, the loan was redeemed on time and without any problems.
Due to this new loan in quarter two of 2017 even more cocoa boans an be bought from the farmers at a fair price, which results in a higher quality of life for the farmers and their communities.

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